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Neighborhood Real Estate Team Leader

I am pleased to announce that I am now working as Neighborhood Real Estate Team Leader at ReMax Trinity in Brecksville Ohio. 2216-650-6915

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty

I am pleased to announce I am now writing a blog on my webpage at Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty located in Brecksville, OH. Here you will learn about real estate in Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Independence and areas surrounding the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

$2 Asian Gold phone card for Cambodia - Laos - Nepal - Philippines

Asian Gold remains one of the best phone cards for calling home to countries in Asia.  The Asian Gold phone card is issued by Phone Card Hotline and is especially good for calling Cambodia.  The $2 Cambodia Phone card gives 70 minutes of talk time to Cambodia, 60 minutes to call Laos, and 24 minutes to Nepal.

Asian Gold phone card has been continuously in the market for ten years and is part of the Phone Card Hotline brand of products that get better each year as technology allows for more minutes to be offered.  Rather than advertise crazy minutes for a few months, PCH Telecom takes requests for more minutes to specific countries from its retail and wholesale customers, then works with the international long distance carriers to deliver those extra minutes.

The $2 phone card is great for the inexpensive countries such as Cambodia (70 minuets), Laos (60 minutes), India (260 minutes), Malaysia (200 minutes), and China (200 minutes).  Asian Gold calling card also comes in a $5 denomination, which is most popular as a Philippines Calling Card.

Customers from Nepal get 24 minutes for $2, Bhutan gives 26 minutes for $2, and Myanmar gives 20 minutes for $5.  The quality is generally better on Asian Gold, and many of our South Asia customers continue to purchase both SMT Telecom products such as A Plus Asia (A+ Asia), and Wonderful Asia together with Asian Gold.  We are also seeing more customers adding PTi Pro Asia phone card to the mix.

One of the important advantages of the Asian Gold phone card, is that call detail is available online when needed, and together with online balances; allows us as master distributor to identify problems and opportunities.  Unlike most other phone cards on the market, when a customer wants to know how many minutes are given to any of 700 international destinations, we can look it up online and give an up to date answer.  We can also respond in real time for requests more more minute to specific destinations.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cuba Phone Card - 15 minutes $10

Cuba's telecom industry remains largely controlled by the state.  While Cuba is the largest caribbean country, it cell phone penetration rate is among the lowest in the region.  In addition there is only limited public internet access.  These factors all contribute to making Cuba's international calling rates among the most expensive in the world, with the cost to call from USA to Cuba as high as $1 per minute or more.

PTi has recently established calling card rates from USA to Cuba that give 15 minutes on a $10 Cuba phone card to both Cuba land and Cuba mobile destinations.  A $25 Cuba phone card is available that gives 38 minutes talking time. This is the cheapest rate we have found for international calling to Cuba.  Generally, when low cost rates from USA to Cuba are introduced, they do not last long, because the state shuts down the service as soon as it is discovered.  PTi spokesperson reports that their international Cuba route allowing for lower cost calling to Cuba is officially sanctioned.

We are interested in hearing about any Cuba phone cards or Cuba international calling plans that are currently being offered here in the United States to call back to Cuba.

For more information contact Bob at Phone Card Hotline, the master distributor for PTi, Protocol Technology. 440-736-7029.

Sawa Middle East Phone Card from PTI

Sawa phone card is a phone card for calling from USA to Middle East issued by Protocol Technology, Inc.  - PTi.   Protocol spokesperson Talal Al-mutaseb reports that the Sawa phone card was designed specifically to compete in the Detroit, Michigan market where the company already enjoys substantial market share with their other Middle East phone cards including Kalam phone card, Shanab phone card, and Digame phone card.

The $3 Sawa Phone Card - Middle East Phone Card boasts more minutes to the advertised countries than any other $3 phone card on the market:
Egypt phone card 79 minutes - Egypt cell 84 minutes
Iran phone card 86 minutes land and cell
Iraq phone card 46 minutes land - 32 minutes Iraq mobile
Jerusalem phone card - 200 minutes Jerusalem land - 55 minutes Jerusalem mobile
Jordan phone card 58 minutes Jordan land - 48 minutes Jordan mobile
Kuwait phone card 56 minutes Kuwait land - 38 minutes Kuwait mobile
Lebanon phone card 55 minutes land - 30 minutes Lebanon cell
Oman phone card 30 minutes land - 16 minutes Oman cell
Pakistan phone card - 30 minutes land and Pakistan mobile
Palestine phone card - 26 minutes land - 25 minutes Palestine mobile
Qatar phone card 15 minutes land - 16 minutes Qatar mobile
Saudi Arabia phone card 64 minutes land 39 minutes Saudi Arabia mobile
Syria phone card 49 minutes land - 35 minutes Syria mobile
UAE phone card 31 minute UAE land and UAE mobile
Yemem phone card - 30 minutes land and cell

The Sawa phone card is expected to do well in Dearborn, Michigan, Cleveland Ohio, Chicago, Philadelphia and on the West Coast where strong Arabic speaking populations reside.  Phone Card Hotline is the master distributor for Sawa phone card.  Contact Phone Card Hotline to place your order for Sawa Middle East Phone Card and the other PTi phone cards, Shanab, Digame, Arabest, Kalam, Middle East and others.

Calling Card Review posts calling card point of sale posters from the best know international calling card companies including CTA (Clifton Telecard Alliance), STI, RAZA, SMT, Dollar Phone, UTA (Union Telecard Alliance), Sky Telecom, Transpac Telecom, TCI (Telecom Center, Inc.) and other phone card issuers as new posters become available.  We welcome guest writers to talk about the phone card industry and your company.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Africa Gold phone card inceases minutes again to Jordan and Lebanon

Our best selling Africa Phone card is called Africa Gold. Africa Gold is one of the Phone Card Hotline branded products with Dollar Phone as the backbone provider.  These phone cards which include Integrity Phone Card, Asian Gold phone card , Europa phone card, Latino Pearl phone card and Eastern Gold phone card are unique in the industry because they never go away, but just keep getting better over time.

Most phone cards are introduced into the marketplace with promotional minutes and a disclaimer that indicates promotional rates effective for 30 days.  Africa Gold, like the entire Phone Card Hotline series, just keep getting better.

This week, we increased the minutes on Africa Gold:
  • Jordan now 65 minutes on the $5, and 26 minutes on the $2 phone card.  This includes Jordan proper, Amman and Jordan Cell.  - Jordan Phone Card
  • Lebanon is now 80 minutes land on the $5 phone card and 32 minutes on the $2 phone card.  Lebanon cell delivers 26 minutes. - Lebanon Phone Card
These are not promotional minutes, but the regular minutes.  Whenever customers request more minutes to a given country or city, I contact Dollar Phone, and they search their carrier base to determine if they can add more minutes to the selected country.  Nobody else does it this way.   Within the next few days, I will publish the delivered minutes for each of these Phone Card Hotline branded Dollar Phone products.  Bookmark this page, and share it by clicking on the social media buttons below to keep more minutes growing on our phone cards.  At Phone Card Hotline we make real phone cards for real people where you can expect to see the same phone card for years and years.

To distribute the Africa Gold Phone Card, contact me at Phone Card Hotline - 440-736-7029. You can buy one to try at Hello Calling Cards

XX Dos Equis Phone Card from SMT Telecom for Calling Latin America - Mexico

SMT Telecom released the XX Dos Equis phone card in Late 2012.  XX phone card is now outselling the other SMT Telecom / Raza phone cards for calling Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Peru.

Advertised minutes on SMT Telecom XX Dos Equis point of sale poster for $2 phone card:
Mexico mobile phone card 130 minutes $2
Brazil movile phone card 50 minutes $2
Bolivia mobile phone card 28 minutes $2
Chile phone card 140 minutes $2
Colombia mobile phone card 50 minutes $2
Dominican Republic phone card 44 minutes $2
Dominican Republic mobile phone card 41 minutes $2
Ecuador phone card 30 minutes $2
Ecuador mobile phone card 19 minutes $2
El Salvador phone card 20 minutes $2
Guatemala phone card 32 minutes $2
Haiti phone card 13 minutes $2
Haiti mobile phone card 11 minutes $2
Honduras mobile phone card 30 minutes $2
Nicaraua phone card 26 minutes land - 16 minutes mobile $2
Peru mobile phone card 280 minutes $2

The XX Dos Equis phone card features more minutes to mobile phones in Latin America.

Available from Phone Card Hotline in $2 and $5 denominations.  Rates are subject to change without notice. Phone Card Hotline is not responsible for rates.

The disclaimer printed on the XX Dos Equis poster is printed in Spanish.  Su compania de telefono le puede cargar por marcar el acceso local. Un honorario semanal 69 cents se aplica despues de 2do dia del primer uso. 1 redondeo minucioso. Un sobre cargo de 99 cents se aplica a cada llamada echa desde un telefono publico. Llamdas hechas usando el numero de acceso gratis se manda la cuenta en 3 cents mas alto por tarifa minuciosa. Las tarifas y el honorario estan conforme a cambio sin previo aviso. Un carge de 25 cents aplicara despues de la primera llamada. Tarifa domesica por minuto: no mas de 10 cents. Las tarifa internacionales varian de tarifa domestica. Las llamadas a un movil internacional se pueden mandar la cuenta en tarifas mas altas. Para las tarifas, los sobrecargos y los honorarious llame al servicio al cliente en 874-5870 durante horas de oficina regulares. Las tarjetas expiran en un periodo de 60 dias a partir del 1ra uso. Esta tarjeta no tiene ningun valor en efectivo y no es rembolsable. Servicios proporcionados por SMT Telecom Inc. Please remove poster after 11/30/12/

Saturday, March 09, 2013

SMT Telecom - RAZA Phone Card - Wholesale

One of the newer phone cards from SMT Telecom is called RAZA Keep Talking.  Since its introduction in November 2012, the Raza phone card has captured an increasing amount of the Africa Calling Card business.  Raza Telecom's SMT brand specializes in Africa and has introduced a long line of Africa Phone cards over the past several years. 

Raza advertises itself on the point of sale poster as being good not only for Africa, but other international regions.  As sample of the advertised rates on the $5 Raza phone card are as follows:
Afghanistan - 35 minutes
Brazil 280 minutes
Bulgaria 150 minutes
Burundi 60 minutes
Cuba 8 minutes
Eritrea 29 minutes
Ethiopia 35 minutes
Gabon 25 minutes
Ghana 45 minutes
Haiti 30 minutes
India Mobil 600 minutes
Jamaica 110 minutes
Mexico Mobile 250 minutes
Nepal 62 minute
Nigeria 100 minutes
Senegal 27 minutes
Sierra Leone 18 minutes
Somalia 19 minutes
Sri Lanka 55 minutes
Trinidad & Tobago 90 minutes
United Arab Emirates 55 minutes

Note: The poster for RAZA indicates poster rates will expire 11-05-12
Additionally, Calls made from toll free access is billed a 3 cent higher per minute rate.  Calls to international mobile may be billed at higher rates.  Raza Cards expire 60 days from first use.

The poster for Raza Keep Talking claims "No Fees - No Expiration - Pinless Dialing - Rechageable".
Raza phone cards are available wholesale for stores and distributors at Phone Card Hotline. Retail customers can buy one online using a credit card at Hello Calling Cards.

In my next post, I will talk about the other new phone card from SMT called XX Dos Equis phone card.  For more information or to purchase Raza Wholesale call Bob at 440-736-7029.  Well known SMT Telecom / Raza RZT phone cards for Africa include Pinless Africa, Winner Africa, Wonderful Africa, Beautiful Africa, Wow Africa and Clear Call Africa.  To get the maximum minutes from companies that issue new phone cards so frequently, it is best to stick with their newest phone cards. New phone cards ususally offer promotional minutes.  Once sales pick up on a new card and begin to become stable, the company will typically reduce the minutes and rely on ongoing sales to make up for the minutes they gave away during the initial promotional period.

If you have used the RAZA phone card, please leave a comment and let us know your experience.  Please share this post with your friends using the social media share buttons below.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Phone Cards for Calling Middle East - PTI

One of the most impressive arrays of phone cards for calling throughout the Arab World, especially the Middle East countries is made by Protocol Technology, PTI.  PTI also has international phone cards for calling Africa and Eastern Europe, however they specialize in Middle East Phone Cards and Latin America Phone Cards. (This is not the same company as PT1)

The Middle East phone cards include PTI Middle East phone card, AraBest phone card, Sawa (their newest Middle East phone card), Shanab phone card, Digami phone card, Kalam phone card and Marhaba phone card.  We know these are good because multiple customers in Detroit (Dearborn) Michigan buy them in lots of 500 or 1000 cards every week for calling Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Palestine.  Also Shanab, Digami, Sawa and Kalam are also very popular in Michigan because the wholesale discounts are bigger.

I have put together some rates charts that give the number of minutes to several destinations.

AraBest Phone Card for calling Middle East

AraBest Phone Card $5
  • Afghanistan - 24 minutes land - 30 minutes cell
  • Dubouti - 12 minutes land and cell
  • Egypt - 54 minutes land 77 minutes cell
  • Eritria - 31 minutes land and cell
  • Ethiopia - 39 minutes land - 35 minutes cell
  • Iran - 156 minutes
  • Iraq 80 minutes land - 54 minutes cell
  • Jerusalem 303 minutes land - 83 minute cell
  • Jordan 62 minutes land - 56 minutes cell
  • Kuwait 79 minutes land - 53 minutes cell
  • Lebanon 62 land - 37 cell
  • Oman 53 land 28 cell
  • Pakistan 65 minutes land and cell
  • Palestine 31 land and cell
  • Qatar 36 land - 40 cell
  • Saudi Arabia - 61 land - 54 cell
  • Sudan 35 land - 38 cell
  • Syria 62 land - 37 cell
  • UAE 41 land and cell
  • Yemen 50 minutes land and cell
The second PTI product I am reviewing today is called PTI MIDDLE EAST and is giving even more minutes to selected destinations.  I have only included the destinations where PTI Middle East phone card gives more minutes than the PTI Arabest phone card:
  • Egypt 65 minutes land
  • Jerusalem 600 minutes land - 164 minutes cell
  • Jordan 74 minutes land
  • Kuwait cell 64 minutes
  • Lebanon land 74 minutes - cell 38
  • Palestine 43 land - 34 cell
  • Saudi Arabia 74 minutes land
  • Syria 74 land - 47 cell
  • UAE 47 minutes land

The two phone cards above are both very expensive with low wholesale discounts, and thus not popular with merchants, except those who want to offer phone cards to their Middle East customers more as a service than as a money maker.  Keep in mind that the charted minutes above are current as of today, and are more current than the minutes illustrated on the poster. 
The "Great New Rates Middle East" poster is older and shown primarily so you can see what countries are targeted destinations for this phone card.
PTI Middle East Phone Card especially good for callng Jerusalem and Palestine
Phone Card Hotline is Wholesale Distributor for all PT1 products including Arabest and Middle East. For more information email me or call 440-736-7029

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Phone Card Hotline increases minutes on Asian Gold phone card

Asian Gold phone card is high quality phone card issued by Phone Card Hotline.  This phone card is optimized for calling Southeast Asia, Philippines, South Asia and the rest of Asia.  Asian Gold has been continuously in the market for 10 years, and delivers 100% of the advertised minutes when used in a single call accessed via local access number.

The minutes have been increased on Asian Gold to all targeted countries effective today, December 13, 2012. Asian Gold is available online for individual use at and for wholesale purchase at  Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Monday, December 10, 2012

STI Prepaid phone cards

We have STI Prepaid phone cards in stock at the lowest price ever.  We guarantee all STI phone cards sold by Phone Card Hotline.

STI Muchacho $5 phone card 30% discount now $3.50
STI Asia $3 - 30%
STI Asia $5 - 30%
STI Spice Middle East $2 - 30%
STI Que Pas $5 - 30%
STI HD $5 - 30%
STI Free $5 - 30%

Limited quantities of each.
30% Discount while supply lasts.

Call 440-736-7029 to order.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Friday, November 02, 2012

STI Prepaid Phone Card

STI Prepaid and its affiliated companies including Vivaro, STI Prepaid, STI Telecom, and Kare Distribution filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in New York September 5, 2012. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Phone Cards Online from CTA and UTA

Phone Cards Available Online at UTA and CTA
Union Telecard Alliance sells the following phone cards for international calls: Asimon phone card, Bharat phone card, Boss USA phone card, Crazy Crazy USA phone card, La Medalla Mexicana phone card, Mega Clean phone card, Simply Asia phone card, and La Leyenda phone card.

UTA also sells several wireless top up cards, Tigo, Telcel and Digicel.

Union Telecard Alliance is affiliated with IDT, and is one of the largest international prepaid calling card distributors.

Clifton Telecard Alliance sells more than 20 CTA phone cards.  The well known national phone card brands include CTA Mexico phone card, Hello Africa phone card, Original Gold phone card, CTA Mexico phone card, Sunny Sky phone card, CTA Word phone card, Ocho phone card, African Beauty phone card, African Dream phone card, Golden Dream phone card, First Choice phone card, Africa Night phone card, Top Line phone card, African Sky phone card, Middle East Lammees phone card, Tobile To Go, and Exclusive.

For more than a decade, Clifton Telecard Alliance was our best selling phone card, taking over from the position formerly held by UTA.  More recently, both companies saw their sales drop as regulatory requirements force phone card companies to disclose fees on point of sale posters in retail establishments.  Today,

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Africano Phone Card - PTI Phone Cards

Africano Phone Card - PTI Phone Cards from Protocol Technology

Today I am continuing with my review of phone cards issued by PTI Phone Cards, Protocol Technology, Inc.  PTI has several phone cards for calling home to Africa.  Each has a different rate deck.  The PTI Africano phone card is the newest along with PTI Pro Africa and PTI Africa Star which are also new.  The biggest difference is that Pro Africa is a $3 phone card.  Africa Star and Africano are available in $5 denominations.

Minutes on $5
Kenya Land 119
Kenya Mobile 94
Nigeria 109
Nigeria Mobile 116
Algeria 148
Algeria mobile 38
Benin 42
Benin mobile 45
Botswana 86
Botswana mobile 46
Bukina Faso 41
Cameroon 83
Chad 60
Egypt 146
Eritrea 36
Ethiopi 47
Ghana 38
Guinea Bissau
Ivory Coast 37
Ivory Cost mobile 62
Libya 35
Libya mobile 42
Malawi 66
Malwai mobile 111
Senegal 57
Senegal mobile 44
Tunisia 23
Uganda 93

Rates listed as advertised on the point of sale material issued by Protocol Technology, Inc., PTI.  Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.  All PTI phone cards are available wholesale nationwide to stores and distributors from Phone Card Hotline at a maximum discount based upon the volume ordered.

Call Home to Africa - Somalia 10 minutes - Ethiopa - Eritrea
The Africa phone cards from Protocol Technology, Inc., including PTI Africano, PTI Africa Star, and PTI Pro Africa all compare favorably with phone cards from STI Prepaid, CTA - Clifton Telecard, IDT Union Telecard and Raza - RZT and SMT Telecom Inc.

Marhaba Phone Card - PTI Welcome phone card

Marhaba phone card offers international calling from USA and Canada.  The $2 Marhaba calling card offers excellent land minutes to the following contries:

Afghanistan phone card7
Bahrain phone card 56
Bosnia phone card 22
Romania phone card 139
Ethiopia phone card 15
Egypt phone card 32
Morroco phone card 70
Syria phone card 20
Philippines phone card 25
Nepal phone card 20
Palestine phone card 25
Lebanon phone card 29
India phone card 179
Israel phone card 287
Iran phone card 23
Kazakhstan phone card 38
Qatar phone card 20
Tunisia phone card 11

Marhaba means welcome in Arabic and the Marhaba calling card is a welcome addition to the Protocol Technology phone card line, because the wholesale discount is midway between their super low discount Middle East phone cards intended for sale directly to individuals, and their higher discount Middle East phone cards designed for stores.  Marhaba is available wholesale at Phone Card Hotline.

Following is the point of sale poster for the Marhaba calling card.  Like all phone cards, rates are subject to change without notice.

Other phone cards targeted for sale in arabic stores include Arabest phone card, Allo phone card, Middle East phone card, Shanab phone card, Dallah phone card, Digame phone card, Farah phone card, Kalam phone card, Carboosh phone card, Dardesh phone card, and Almukhtar phone card.  All of these calling cards have the names written on the face of the card in arabic writing.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

EuroStar phone card Callnect phone card

PTI (Protocol Technology Inc.) has issued Callnect phone card as an alternative to their long standing Eurostar phone card ( Euro Star Calling Card).  The Callnect phone card is offered in $2 with (Bosnia phone card) 28 minutes to Bosnia land, 11 minutes Bosnia mobile, (Albania phone card) 43 minutes to Albania land, 15 minutes Albania movie, (Serbia phone card) 30 minute Serbia land, 13 minutes Serbia mobile, (Slovenia phone card) 60 minutes Slovenia land, 40 minutes Slovenia mobile.  These two phone cards are also good for all of Europe including Romania, Croatia, Macedonia and Eastern Europe.
Callnect international calling card

This can be compared to the $3 Eurostar which has been a popular phone card for the same former Yugoslavia countries. Both Euro Star phone card and Callnect phone as well as all PTI - Protocol Technology Inc phone cards are available wholesale at Phone Card Hotline or by calling 440-736-7029

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Shanab Phone Card - by Protocol Technology Inc - PTI Calling Cards

Shanab Phone Card - Protocol Technology Inc
PTI specializes in phone cards for calling home to Middle East and the rest of the Arab World.  The point of sale poster for Shanab phone card shows 40 minutes for $2 to Jerusalem cell 200 minutes to Jerusalem land.
  • Jerusalem cell 40 minutes - land 200 minutes
  • Egypt cell 64 minutes- Egypt land 60
  • Iraq cell 30 minutes - Iraq land 40
  • Lebanon cell 21 minutes - Lebanon land 40
  • Saudi Arabia cell 28 minutes - Saudi Arabia land
  • Syria cell 25 minutes - Syria land 35
  • U.A.E cell and land 22 minutes
  • Jordan cell 35 minutes - land 43
  • Yemen 22 minutes land and cell
In addition to Shanab calling card, PTI has Arabest phone card, Lebanon phone card, Almukntar phone card, Kalam phone card, Middle East phone card, Mahanba phone card all for the Middle East. 

Pollo Feliz, Mic Casa, Paypaya, and Laino Star as well as Ucall Guatemala, Ucall Ecudor, El Tri for Mexico, Hola Guatemala, and Hola Mexico; all for Latin America.

Protocol Technology Inc. products are available wholesale at Phone Card Hotline.
Call 440-736-7029 to order.